Ekskäret Foundation

With the aim to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society, the Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas and various initiatives with the goal of stimulating sustainable development at both an individual, organisational as well as a societal level.

With the aim facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society


Our firm belief is that personal consciousness development contributes to the long-term and sustainable development of individuals as well as businesses and society. Therefore, we encourage questioning and deepening of insights about social norms and values.

We want to strengthen the individual's ability to develop a greater sense of empathy, complexity awareness and co-creation, ie basic abilities of consciousness development. With increased responsibility and an expanded leadership, both at the individual level as well as in companies and organizations, we can drive the change that is necessary to respond to current and future societal challenges. This way, we can create lasting systemic changes.

The Foundation's mission is to facilitate the co-creation of a more conscious society. We do this by providing arenas for inquisitive exploratory meetings and lifelong learning.

We create and also support various initiatives, conferences, seminars, courses, and more with the goal of bringing together individuals, organizations and companies in exploring and learning meetings, often with a cross-border perspective.

We work together with selected partners from business, non-profit, and academic sectors. The Foundation is non-profit organization and has no religious and ideological affiliations. 

Two arenas

The Ekskäret Foundation creates arenas with the aim to support the co-creation of a more prosperous, fair, and sustainable society.

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Ekskäret island - where it all begun

The island of Ekskäret (where the oak trees grow), located in the Stockholm archipelago in Sweden, is the actual place where theEkskäret Foundation springs from. Today's activities on the island are run by the Ekskäret Foundation and are developed in close harmony with its principles.

The island provides a breath-taking venue dedicated to curious and explorative initiatives, such as the Protus youth camps, courses in personal development and other exploratory meetings.

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Ekskäret Klustret - an experiment

Ekskäret's co-workingspace is the obvious place for today's and tomorrow's society developers and change-makers.

At Ekskäret Klustret, we meet and work together for the conscious development of individuals, businesses, and society. Klustret gathers curious entrepreneurs, researchers, consultants, and community stakeholders who, through their commitment and activities have the power and the will to contribute to our common vision.

In March 2016, the doors opened to this co-working space which is an exploratory experiment. In only a few months, a number of actors have chosen to move in with us to be a part of our community, and also to contribute to mutual learning and co-creation of a conscious and sustainable development of a prosperous, fair and sustainable society.
The venue is located at Mäster Samuelsgatan 36 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Read more www.ekskaretklustret.se.